Moving on after termination

How do you discuss your termination in an interview and present yourself in a positive way to recruiters after you have been terminated? Long story short...I was terminated for something that is common practice in our department since we are very team oriented. My boss did not want to hear my side that this is common practice, and I could not prove my innocence.


  • WE ALL make mistakes. Honesty is the best policy. Tell your interviewers not only why you were terminated but what you learned from that experience. Commonplace practice or not, if that practice resulted in harm or a potential for harm, then that practice needs to be changed. Think about how that practice could be improved or changed and how it affects the way you practice now. Are you more aware of that type of situation in your practice and how to avoid it? Bring out the positive learning experience you gained from the negative. It will show them you are willing to learn and grow to better yourself and your practice. Think positive and be confident, you got this. Show them that one little blip in your path won't discourage you from making a difference.
  • Hmm, it doesn't sound like you thought you made a mistake if it is "common practice in our department". Sounds as if you're better off out of there, you may have been thrown under the bus when the practice came to light. If you had had misgivings, that might argue in your favor. In any case, you do want to practice putting this in a good light and be prepared to be able to discuss it briefly and forthrightly - don't be ashamed, find the aspects in yourself and your practice that you are proud of and lead with them. If everyone was mistaken in this practice it's good to acknowledge that and that you won't be doing that again!
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