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My name is Ashley and I am looking to take my first travel assignment. I am a med/surg tele nurse with 3 years of experience. Looking for any information from anyone who has recently traveled in the Knoxville, TN area (pay, housing, etc). I have begun talking to two difference companies but both offers are less than what I though is reasonable. Any information would be appreciated.


  • Hey Ashley,

    Many first time travelers are surprised to find that pay rates are lower than anticipated. That said, it's true that travel nurses do get very lucrative contracts in some cases. It all depends on two things. First, and most importantly, is the "bill rate". This is the hourly rate that the agency can charge for the traveler's time at the hospital. The higher the rate, the more the agency can pay. The second factor is how good a deal you're able to negotiate. Some agencies pay less than others and it's always tough to know whether or not the quote you're receiving is a good one or not.

    There are several different categories of travel nursing contracts. Here's a sample:

    1) Standard Contract: This is a contract where the hospital is offering the basic bill rate in their contract between the hospital and the agency. This is typically quite modest relative to the stories of travelers raking in the dough.

    2) Bonus Contract: The hospital offers a completion bonus on top of the Standard Contract rate.

    3) Crisis Rates or Rapid Response: The hospital is desperate and increases the to some higher level...maybe $20 to $40 higher per hour.

    4) Strike nursing: The pay rates are typically very high for strike nursing.

    If you're interested, please check out our Travel Nursing Pay category on the blog. Every question is answered in over 60 highly detailed articles. Here some options that might help:




    I hope this helps!
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