Must have's on a Traveler's Resume...

Hi there, Sharon Cartwright, National Healthcare Recruiter with USSI here. Boy, that sounded awfully stiff and official! Let me start over; Hi! I'm Sharon and I'm a Recruiter. I'd like to discuss Travel Nurses' and Travel Tech's Resume's. And what we, as Recruiters, need on them in order to build your profile. Here are some things that will allow a Recruiter to better represent you and your skills:

1. Contact information at the top.
2. Name of EVERY hospital you have worked in and the dates you worked there. Agency info is not enough..hospitals don't care what agencies you have worked for, they want to know what facilities you have worked at.
3. Number of Beds at that hospital when you worked there (licensed bed counts change).
4. Number of Beds in the Unit you worked.
5. What units did you float to while there and how often?
6. Accolades - Is that hospital a Teaching Hospital? A Magnet Facility? Level I Trauma Facility?
7. What EMR or EHR did you use while there?
8. Machines and/or Procedures on the unit you used. For Example: Vents, Trachs, foley cath's, etc...
9. List special skills or skills you are proud of! For example: PICC line certified, etc...

BRAG! We want to know ALL of your achievements!

And, things that you are proud of. I know one PICU Traveler who has a story about a patient that inspired her on the end of her resume. I think it makes a statement and sets you apart from the rest! Food for thought....

Anyhow….Recruiter's and Nurses, I'm sure I've left something out, please feel free to add to this discussion!


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