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What travel nursing agency has the most listings, both in total, and specifically on the east coast


  • Most likely, American Mobile. They are the largest healthcare staffing company in the industry. Other large companies include Cross Country, Solient, Medical Solutions, and Travel Nurse Across America. I hope this helps!
  • Hi
    White Glove also has many positions in specifically in NY.
  • Hey Daniel! Hope you're doing well. If you're ever interested in chatting about Nursing options on the east coast feel free to reach out to me anytime! We staff all over the east coast. My direct contact number is 402-505-5187 or
  • Biggest doesn't always translate to best. Check out forums such as highway hypodermics and travel nurse central where they have reviews of various companies. Also ask on some of the travel nurse Facebook forums.

    The more agencies you work the best opportunities you will have.

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  • It is best to talk to a few. I totally disagree with what many call "the best"
  • Hey Daniel! We have plenty of openings in NY right now! I am with Fastaff Travel Nursing! We are rapid response and obtain new contracts every day! Would you be interested in learning more?
  • Hi Alexis, Does Faststaff have any hospice openings? Contact me at Karen G
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