New to Travel Nursing

I will be looking to start Traveling. I have heard many horror stories of travel nurse agencies not being very good. So, I am looking to see what is the best travel nursing agency to work for. One that listens to you and your needs, one I can trust on proper pay, benefits, etc. Thank you.


  • Hi Ronald,

    I would love to talk to you about traveling and why I would be the best fit as your travel agent. Please call or email me when you're available.

    Nina Cara
    Readylink Healthcare
    Travel Placement Manager
    Ph: 800-995-6955, ext. 5148
    Fax: 888-562-0755
    Online Application:
  • Hey Ronald,

    I figured I'd give my two cents. I think every traveler out there has different experiences with different agencies. Some travelers love one agency and the next person you talk to will say they have had a terrible experience with them. Also, what is most important to you matters a lot as well. Are you looking for the highest pay, great insurance, renewal and extension bonuses, great service, multiple job openings in multiple areas, someone available 24/7. Every agency can offer something a little bit different. Like you said your recruiter should really be an extension of you and be your voice when needed. I think a really big thing in this industry is finding one or a few recruiters you enjoy working with. I suggest checking out the Facebook group Travelers and Recruiters Unite. It can be a great resource for both travelers and recruiters.

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