RN Resume - Same Travel Assignment and Permanent Position

Hello all -

Just wanting some tips on how to list employment history on my resume. The specific question is: I completed a travel assignment at a facility, and then worked a permanent position at that facility for a year, and now diving back into traveling. What I want to do is include both positions, but how can I avoid listing redundant information? I don't want to repeat bullet points. There was more flexibility and growth in the permanent position of floating different units and being promoted with charge duties, which were listed. Just want ideas on how to make both positions look similar but different! Any tips or suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  • Hey Jennifer,

    I do think it's a good idea to include both positions, especially if you're going back into traveling. Just a thought...but you might discuss the things that are unique to travel for the travel position, like acclimating to the unit quickly, flexibility with scheduling, becoming part of the team quickly, and that you did such a good job they hired you. Then, list all the duties accomplishments with the perm position. I hope this helps!
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