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I have just had my contract rescinded as a result of the delay in verification from California. I support my family and I'm single. I am depressed and devastated. I spoke to a women Thursday Nov. 3, from the Department of Consumer Affairs who denied the problem was caused by the computer glitch. Repeatedly. She refused to assist me in any way and then lied to me that someone was looking for my paperwork after insisting that there are hundreds of applications daily. How is it possible for her to have someone looking for mine?She kept stating she was hanging up because, I wasn't listening, etc... She finally did but, it was brutal for me. There must be someone to contact and file grievance about this matter. These workers have their jobs, but now I may lose my house. What's up with this? Maybe filing a lawsuit? I don't know.


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    Hello: It appears that your California RN license was never 'active'. It seems like you went and had your fingerprints live-scanned and then there was a delay? The reason I ask is because my California RN license expired September 30 this year and when I renewed a week late I was informed that California law requires all RN applicants must be fingerprinted/refingerprinted. I first went and had my California license processed in 2003 s a hitch but had a similar, exactly the same maybe, situation in Arizona when I and two other travel dialysis RNs had our assignments delayed a couple days. I don't recall what was the specific problem at Arizona but we all waited two more days, had our temporaries handed to us and worked the next day. Our contracts were never cancelled probably because the travel company already had three of us there and the facilities were aware of the problem and waited. There are always new requirements in all states especially with CEUs that add to the hastles of traveling that a good recruiter and/or the credentialing officer should know too. Good luck.
  • Hello- so sorry for your probs with CA- it is not your fault!
    CA is in a terrible mess...I have many horror stories dealing with the Dental Board. Make sure you keep records of all correspondence....they are using email now so it is easier- but generally they will lie, cheat and steal!!
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