Choosing a Travel Agency

I am having trouble narrowing down my choices of travel agencies. Current ones that I am considering include Next, TNAA, Talemed, PPR, and Trustaff. Do you have thoughts on any of these agencies? Thanks!


  • Hello Ashley,
    The best thing to do is to go on their website and see what they offer. Also look at job assignments posted and pay packages. This gives you an idea what the company pay package is like. Check out the health insurance and other perks and then pick one. I'm with Liquid Agents. They pay well and are highly rated. My recruiter is Alyssa and she's great! Good Luck! Michelle Auguste
  • I’ve worked for a TNAA...good pay, paid on time, good benefits. Currently working for a position for me when my contract thru TNAA was canceled the week before I was supposed to start. So far, so good!
  • You can also look on Highway Hypodermics for the top nurse rated travel agencies
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