Aloha from Mynela Staffing

Aloha BluePipes Nurses!

My name is Jen Pavsek! I am the Recruiting Manager for Mynela Staffing.

Let me also tell you a bit about my agency. We are a small agency based out in Los Angeles, CA.We have been in business for almost 4 years and have staffed all over in Healthcare. We are known for perm, temp, PRN, and travel contracts.We staff in hospitals, clinics and private practices. For travel nursing, we staff in all 50 states and for PRN, we staff in CA, NY and NV. Because we have minimal overhead and don't provide benefits, we are able to give you what we call bottom line pay packages.

For travel nursing, instead of breaking down your pay into many various things such as reimbursements, relocation, bonuses (which gets heavily taxed) we throw all we can into your weekly gross!

I would love a chance to connect with you to see if my agency and I are a good fit for you!

Just a bit about me! I'm originally from Louisiana, raised in California and spent my 20s/30s in Hawaii where I met my husband. We are now back in California with our 10 year old Shiba Inu (looks like a fox). When I'm not recruiting, you can find me designing bikinis, backpacking/hiking/camping and helping my husband remodel RVs!

Hope to connect with you and see how I can help!

All the best! Mahalo :)

Jen Pavsek
Mynela Staffing
IG: itsapavseklife


  • Hello!! My name Is Ty Grissom. I am Hiring Manager for Angel wings Nurses Traveling Agency here in Saint Louis, Mo. I would love to speak you with about become a vendor. I am registered/insured across US and have EXCELLENT SKILLED NURSES that would a great candidate your positions. If you are interested in my company I can send you information about please email me at
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