Can not trust any of them!

I was with Aureus and now with TotalMed and do not like either one. Both are untruthful and misleading in their websites. Both have terrible health insurance and TotalMed is completely misleading on their website. Their 401K is only matched if you stay for 3 years.
Their website says "no cost health insurance" which is a total lie! You have to read the fine print before you know the real truth.
Who out there has a trustworthy travel company? One with good health insurance and 401K? Both companies started out giving me a low pay until I complained, then Aureus up't my call pay from $2,50 to $9.00 hr! Big difference! TotalMed doubled my pay for doing pre-employment modules, started with $400 and after I complained they doubled it to $800. They also doubled my travel allowance when I complained that $500 was not enough to go from MN to AZ. Who to trust? I hate changing companies. It's a big pain in the ass. Who out there has a good company with good insurance and 401K?
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