Can not trust any of them!

I've been with Aureus and now with totalMedStaffing and I do not like either one. Aureus has the worst health insurance policy I have ever seen. TotalMed's web site is totally misleading about their 401K and health insurance. Neither are what you see on their website. Both companies started out with lower pay than I ended up with. They try to give you less money. When I complained they doubled my call pay and doubled the pay for doing pre employment modules. So, I know they try to keep as much as possible in their pockets, NOT mine! Who do you trust? I want a trustworthy travel company with good insurance. Who can direct me to a good company?


  • Please take a look at my profile on both here and LinkedIn, I am a Recruiter but I am independent contractor, I have a partnership with Cure Healthcare please look at their website, see if this sounds like a good fit, I invite you to either call me on my cell or email I would like to hear your input on your past experiences.
    817 818 6076, email: website:
  • Hi Linda, I am sorry you have had to deal with such an experience. I'd love to share our insurance information and chat about your non-negotiable terms. I hope to clear up any confusion or questions you may have about benefits, compensation, and overall customer service with my organization.

    If you'd like, please reach out to me by text/call at 972-457-1068 or email at I hope to help.
  • Hi Linda! Just wanted to take a moment to drop you a line. I am so sorry that you have had such bad luck with recruiters. Sometimes it takes a time to find a recruiter you have a connection with. It is important that there is trust on both sides, as you forming a team to find the best situation for your life style. I have been recruiting for about 15 years and finding that perfect fit does not always happen overnight. A lot of the time it can be trial and error.

    If you have any questions, or anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to give me a call. You can find my profile on LinkedIn as well as my fb page "Cheryl your Allied and Nursing Travel Concierge" Or as always, please feel free to call me direct (414)755-4965 or Email
  • Hi Linda,

    I'm just a nurse so I'm not trying to recruit you, but I use TNAA. My health insurance is Cigna and it was easy to make my elections, they have a lot of other benefits including life insurance and even pet insurance if you want it. There is a 401k but you have to meet the requirements to use it, I think it's travel with them for a year or something like that. Whenever I'm interested in a job, the pay breakdown is emailed to me very clearly and what I actually get matched the breakdown I received prior to bidding. They of course paid for all of my pre employment stuff, and when I scheduled my TNCC independently during my assignment (not required, just recommended), they reimbursed for that. Anyways, that is my experience. I am a new traveler and have only had 2 contracts and have not used any other company. Best of luck to you in your pursuits.
  • How sad is it that not a single nurse out there in travel land could give me the name of a company they trust and who they feel are honest. The recruiters just offered same bullshit different day responses. It should not be difficult to find an honest, trustworthy travel agency. I'm on my 4th assignment and I'm extremely disappointed with the business. I made more money at my hospital back home in MN. They pay very well in MN. $45 an hour and $9 an hour call pay.
    Traveling hasn't come close to giving me that income. And the paperwork is ridiculous! Insanely ridiculous ! Someone needs to change the way things are done in this business. Information should be shared amongst companies so that the nurse does not have to do all the same paperwork for each and every company that interacts with her. It's all very inefficient and mind numbing repetition.
  • -waving- I'm a nurse.

    I gave you a long post about my company and why I trust them.

    There's a blog here on blue pipes about pay, maybe it will give some insight, just search "five factors that depress travel nursing pay rates".

    Best of luck.
  • Good evening Linda! I am currently a recruiter and would love the opportunity to simply educate you on the ins and outs of being a travel nurse. Whether you are on assignment at the moment or not feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have!

  • Didnt like MSO
    Trustaff on the other hand has been treating well. Keeping me in steady high paying contracts.
  • Have you checked out Blue Pipes list of "TOP" agencies? I work with one as a recruiter and I LOVE IT!!
  • Sorry to hear about you bad experience. I've had mine over the past 18 years. You need to negotiate and fight for what you want. A lot of recruiters will promise the world but not fully deliver. If it's not in writing, don't expect it!
  • Hello!! My name Is Ty Grissom. I am Hiring Manager for Angel wings Nurses Traveling Agency here in Saint Louis, Mo. I would love to speak you with about become on a WINNING TEAM!! please call me at 314-684-106
  • I’m a retuning traveler after 4 years as staff and I’m Working with USSI. My recruiter is Paula Harrington and I have worked with her off and on since 2010. Paula will stand by her nurses and see to it you get the best money available. I find I’m usually 200-400 higher than the other travelers on the unit. They provide day one healthcare for about $50 a week with Kiaser(0 deductible). Give Paula a call and see what she can do for you. You won’t regret it.
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