Specific Schedule Requests

Wanted to dip my toes into travel nursing by doing some semi-local travel assignments since I am still 50/50 custody of my teen son who is a sophomore in HS.

The plan is to try out a few companies, see what it's all about and if I LOVE it, I would ready to fly into the wild blue yonder in 3 years.

Until that freedom is avaikable to me, I am wondering how flexible some of the companies are..

I have been working in an inpatient psych setting for over 5 years now. I KNOW my organization is desperate for help, and the travellers they do hire have been calling out, leaving them still high and dry.

I am hoping that nurses may very well be so high in demand in certain locations/specialities, that we can almost hand pick our hours and such.

I am looking for ONLY psych positions (or nurse / tech-type trainer positions)1within a 4-5 hour max driving range that would allow me to do 3 12s a week Th-Fri-Sat and then Sun-Mon-Tues every other week so that I could then have officially a week off to go home for my week of custody with my son. I would see it as they get me covering everything other weekend and I am still full-time. I would only need local housing for 3-4 nights every other week...

Think this type of job arrangement is at all possible with the right company?


- Lynne


  • Hey Lynne,

    My experience indicates that this is possible, but not likely unfortunately. Companies don't make the scheduling rules, the hospitals and facilities do. So, it would be a matter of finding a facility within 4-5 hours of home that was willing to be flexible.

    That said, it never hurts to try. The best bet would be to sign on with as many agencies as possible in order to gain maximum exposure to the job market. Different agencies work with different hospitals. Then, see what they're able to drum up.

    I hope this helps!
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