TOP PAYING Veteran Travel Medical Staff Recruiter / Account Manager & Hospital Contract Specialist


My name is Joe Meis and I'm working for a company called Allcare Medical Services in NY. I've worked for 5 different medical staffing agencies over the course of my 8 year on-and-off career as a Contract Agent / Healthcare Recruiter, and this agency by far is quickly becoming my home. This company is Physician owned, by Dr. Daniel Ferrara who is a Board Certified Emergency Room Physician and Medical Director/Chairman of an Emergency Medicine Management company, as well as our C.O.O. Sharon Gobbi, who is an established Medical Compliance Officer. Not only are we extreme advocates for our nurses, but due to the stage of the Healthcare Staffing division I am able to be overly competitive with rates. I also have direct communication with Hospitals (and their Vendor Managers) and can negotiate directly concerning rates and much more.

I have consistently managed a Client List of over 40 Medical Professionals while I was working full time as a Recruiter, all while marketing for new contract Hospitals within the agency. I have extensive knowledge of the entire process of becoming an agency RN and I can streamline everything from credentialing to booking travel, even payroll and insurance issues. Because of my contract agreement with Allcare I still make excellent compensation for my work, while simultaneously able to pay you close to if not right at 90% of the Hospital rate. Hardly any agency can afford to approve that, and if it happens to be a smaller organization that might match me, I'll easy drop down or throw in a lucrative bonus, so I can have you taking home REAL top pay, and netting the most after all is said and done.

We staff US WIDE and place everything from RNs to PA/NPs..... to Healthcare IT Professionals,Therapists, Techs. and MUCH more. I can even market positions that we don't have at target location Hospitals through Directors and Managers to help open up jobs that aren't even posted yet. This is due to years of streamlining and procuring placements and contracts (including "hard to fill" needs and Physician Locums) as a National Account Manager for 3 medium size travel staffing companies. My familiarity with Hospital contracts & systems over many territories, flawless communication/intrapersonal skills, combined with my relentless follow up -has made me able to tackle any problem and accomplish any goal. I truly care about the Healthcare Professionals I bring aboard, and that's why you can always call me anytime on assignment.

Come work among some of the best in the industry; an agency advocate that can actually protect you and one that truly values and respects you...and reciprocates your hard work by rewarding you with excellent benefits, and quoting the top rate the first time, over other recruiters/agencies. I'm 100% transparent with my clients and that's why most travelers stay with me for multiple contracts. I also offer CONTINUING REFERRAL BONUSES meaning you get paid on Nurses you refer to me for YEARS (multiple assignments - no determined time period) not just one time. Please feel free to contact me anytime about your contract interests as a Registered Nurse, Allied Healthcare Professional, RNFA, Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant, RPH, CRNA, Nursing Manager or Director, Physician or other established specialties and professions within the Healthcare spectrum. I can get you a list of contract jobs with detailed position specs for each, and a quote which shows complete breakdown of pay. Your pay package is always able to be fully customized (we offer all benefits most travel companies offer in addition to exclusive ones). Contact me if you want to work on opportunities with a true professional, who's a veteran player in this industry and a power house recruiter ready to get you the rate you deserve. My contact info is listed below and look very forward to working with you and your colleagues. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you!

Best Personal Regards,

Joe Meis
Allcare Medical Services
800-317-4504 x 108


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